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Brook "Hollywood" McCollum Brook "Hollywood" McCollum 
Don’t let his dashing good looks and cool attitude fool ya. As unpredictable as the cars he drives, Hollywood lives life at full throttle - always ready to race and definitely out to win. But, there's only one thing Hollywood will brake for, and that is his beautiful new wife, Hannah. I guess every Bad Boy has his weak spot. Hollywood works for his Father’s successful scrap yard business.
Hannah McCollum Hannah McCollum
Catch a glimpse of this sexy lady while you’re racin’ and you might just run your car off the track! Hannah is Hollywood’s blushing new bride and she definitely makes his engine rev. Beauty and brains, Hannah’ s intense medical career as a nurse plus being Hollywood’s wife keeps her on her toes at every turn.
Brandon "Bam Bam" Saylers Brandon "Bam Bam" Saylers
If a loose cannon and a rabble-rouser had a child, Bam Bam would be it! New Father by day, fearless fighter and charming ladies man by night, Bam Bam can’t decide half the time if he should listen to the angel or the devil sittin’ on his shoulders. Son to Big Block and Big Brother to Landon, Bam Bam is known for being barefooted constantly - even when he is fixin’ cars.
Michael “Big Block” Saylers Michael “Big Block” Saylers
The owner of Saylers Body Shop, Big Block may have a tough exterior, but he has a big heart under the hood. A single Father to 'Bam Bam' and Landon, Big Block works hard every day on the cars he loves and to keep his boys runnin’ down the right road.
Travis "Carter" Carter Travis "Carter" Carter
Part genius, part artist, all mad man! Carter is a highly skilled mechanic and auto-body painter who learned his trade from his Father and Big Block. Carter is a fiercely loyal family man and friend and a bit of a tickin’ time bomb, especially if you try to double cross him or the team. Carter stands by the “Run What You Brung” creed!
Landon “Slim” Saylers Landon “Slim” Saylers
Son of Big Block and little Brother to Bam Bam, Slim has a knack for stirrin’ things up. If he’s not causing chaos at the shop he’s “runnin’ what he brung” at the track - including his mouth. Slim never shies away from controversy or challenges and he always loves to bring Bam Bam along for the ride!
Robin Gantt Robin Gantt
This Mustang Sally won’t slow her Mustang down for no one! Robin may look sweet as pie, but get her on the track and this drivin’ Diva isn't afraid to prove what she is made of. From a long line of drag racers, Robin definitely has racing in her blood.
Joyce Sublett Joyce Sublett
Corporate charisma meets back road friendship, Joyce is the keeper of Big Block’s heart!  She’s a strong independent woman with quite a will, always there to support her man and when needed, keep Bam Bam and Slim in line.
Columbus “Columbo” Hooper Columbus “Columbo” Hooper
A graduate from the school of hard knocks, Columbo is the strong silent type who won’t let life get him down. Best friend and co-worker with Carter, Columbo believes in workin’ hard, playin’ harder, and never backin’ down from a challenge.
Posey Boys
Steve “Deal Breaker” Posey (right) and his son Jesse Posey (left) are a rough and tumble Father/Son team straight from the back roads. Good friends with the Saylers family, keep in mind - if ya mess with one of these guys, you’re messin’ with the whole Outlaw Gang - and their loyalty runs deep!.
Cody Pilgrim Cody Pilgrim
Mischief and mayhem seem to follow Cody wherever he goes - perhaps it’s a side effect of runnin’ with the Sayler boys and Adam all the time. An employee of Sayler’s garage, Cody moonlights as a roadie for bands but he always seems to strike the wrong chord with his constant stunt pulling.
Adam Frazier Adam Frazier
They say it’s the quiet ones that you have to look out for, and Adam is no exception. Good friends with Cody and the Sayler boys, Adam also works as a roadie. This stealthy schemer is typically the mastermind behind the roadie pranks that seem to get him and Cody in hot water every time.
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